Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Tali Fahima and Leftist Terror

It should come as no surprise that a leftist Jew has been arrested for collaboration with Arab terrorists, in Israel.

If you know your Zionist history, particularly since the Balfour declaration, then you know that these 2 phenomena were to be expected. Maybe not specifically, but in general, there was predictability.

However, the Fatima...I mean... Fahima case (and those that will follow it) stand insignificant held against previous, and better-known terror collaboration projects.

Here, I refer to the Oslo Peace Process and its well-known architects, who gave Arab terrorists Land, weapons, money and enhanced legitimacy. This amounted to the facilitation of the strategic/tactical goals of a terrorist organization, and usually gets a states name added to a list of rogue states that sponsor terror.

But, accounting for the fact that the people of Israel chose leaders who sponsored terrorism against their own country, there can be little surprise at the activities of little Fatima...I mean...Fahima. She is the result of a series of self-effacing policies and attitudes imposed by Israeli leadership on Israel, not the first of which was Oslo. The leftitst 'refusenik' soldiers should be looked at in the same light.

From this view, the depth and perfidy of Oslo are expanded. For not only has it succeeded in imposing greater terror upon the people of Israel than ever before, it has also created 'activists' for its cause on 2 levels. On the first, are the soldiers who refuse to serve in Yesha and combat the enemy, and on the other you have Israeli civilians aiding the terrorists whom the soldiers refuse to combat. Brilliant! So, unlike others would have you believe, Oslo is alive and well.

But the leaders of Israel are not the only culprits. They are not solely responsible for the potential doom of Israel. In the name of accountability, I must mention that since the people of Israel chose the Oslo architects to lead the country, they too are accountable for every Jewish life taken in the Oslo War. Which, should humiliate the Soul of every Jew alive.

--Frank Yehudi