Thursday, July 13, 2006

Dont Crap Where You Eat: How to Achieve Personal Success in Israel and Redeem its People...

I've just arrived from abroad after a few months of travel.

Very refreshing indeed.

Got to see alot that was completely new to me, got to hear alot too.

First thing back i read this:

Then I read this:

Chew on that a little. It should make you think.

Aliyah has nothing to do with Israel. It has to do with romantic personal interpretations and nostalgia. Nothing wrong with that though I guess.

Aliyah is made to a mystical Homeland. Israel is a country where at any time in almost any neighborhood in the country someone can be found to be relieving themselves on the sidewalk, and then when they are finished go vote for people like shimon peres, amir peretz and ehud olmert. Talk about crapping where you eat...

Some people ask why so many Olim make yerida. its precisely for that reason. They make Aliyah to a special wonderland then only to discover that its a place where everyone craps where they eat.

Virtually every Israel craps where he eats. He drives dangerously, litters constantly, disregards the pride of his enemies, and votes for people who do the same but do it better and get paid for it and respected because of it.

Israelis crap where they eat so terror is ignorable. Israelis crap where they eat so they have no conception of a meaningful self respect. Israeli crap where they eat so Shalhevet Pas can be murdered, Gilad Shalit can be kidnapped, and Gush Katif can be razed and not motivate political change in the direction I am partial to, like it all never happaned.

So if you are a dati leumi type, a kahanist, a meretz voter, a union member, or just a undefinable collection of sectoral confusions, remember that there is only one lesson you will ever need to learn in order to make this country better for one and all: DONT CRAP WHERE YOU EAT!!!

Show a little self respect, have some standards, cultivate expectations and vote for people who do the same.