Friday, December 10, 2010

The Jewish 'privilege'

Take a read: 

Thesis on Jewish 'privilege' rebuked, sparking row

And what a privilege it is...

We are never spared the privilege of having our identity placed in question. They say we're not a people, they equivocate us to our murderers and they condemn our every ideology and belief. 

We are never spared the privilege of accusation. They accuse us of controlling the worlds finances and media. Every country we've ever inhabited has raised blood libels, banishments and inspired rioting against us for being the cause of all the woes of this world. The accusations against us have even offended the gods themselves, we rejected and killed Jesus, we rejected and poisoned Mohammad.

We are never spared the privilege of murder, genocide or racial cleansing from the countries we have dwelt within. Death has followed us en mass from the far east to the east coast. 

And finally, we have never been spared the privilege of betrayal by one of our own. Find a person placing our identity in question, a heinous accusation or even a group dedicated to killing us and you will without fail find a Jewish collaborator in those midst. From the destruction of our temple to the holocaust to Anti Zionism and terrorism in Israel today there have been without fail  Jewish enablers justifying or even assisting in our tragedy. 

It seems an inherent trait of the Jewish psyche to destroy itself. It seems that there is a deeply ingrained desire to delegitimize and destabilize the nation as a whole. It seems that many Jews among us indulge in executing the privileges of the Jews far too often.

Jenny Peto is of course a Jew who takes no small amount of pride in exercising her Jewish 'privilege'. 

In my view there is one real Jewish privilege, and that is the Law of Return to the State of Israel--to save us from the other privileges bestowed upon us by the rest of the world, which I wish would be revoked for Ms. Peto.