Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Yesterday, I participated in the human chain that linked Gush Katif, in Aza, to Jerusalem.

It was nice.

Nearly 200,000 Jews gathered on the roadways unanimously denouncing the prime ministers decision to give Jewish Land to Arab terrorists. People prayed, cheered and joined hands for the singing of Hatikvah. Like I said it was a nice.

Unfortunately, for many, that is all it will amount to—a nice experience. Many surely left the conviction they brought with them by the roadside.

Next time a similar event takes place, observe the attitudes of the good people in attendance. Hear them describe the foolishness of withdrawal, how the Knesset betrays the Jewish Birthright, and most of all hear their frustration. After its over listen to the promoters of the activity discuss its success. Then pay careful attention to the way those same people vote in the next election. Watch them vote for the very same parties that caused them to link hands across Israel and protest against the prime minister—who they voted into power.

It is a fact that the people of Yesh--Yehuda, Shomron and Aza--came out strong for the Likud party in the last election. The people of Yesha gave strong support to the very party that would later decide to give 8,000 of their homes away, while placing the remainder of them in a wire and concrete playpen with Jew hating Jihadian's.

Shame on Yesha.

The people of Yesha must take responsibility for this poor decision so that similar failures can be prevented in the future. They can do this by examining how the pre-incident indicators—particularity, the attitudes and statements—conveyed by Ariel Sharon throughout last year's election illustrated the general predictability of his current policies.

Many people would argue with this criticism. Many would give excuses disguised as reasons for the pathetic voting habits of the Jewish people in the state of Israel. But, those simply remain sad justifications for irresponsible decision-making.

So remember, demonstrations, human chains and marches are very nice and good. But, they are not ends in themselves and they don't solve our countries problems.

What does solve problems is having the kind of integrity that fosters solid Jewish decision-making. What will solve many of our problems is changing the way we vote and the considerations we make when choosing a leader. These ideals will also enhance the utility and meaning of public demonstration.

--Frank Yehudi

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