Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Pathetic Waste Of Radio...

As a listener of for over ten years, I ask you:

Who are these monkeys?

(Yehuda Hakohen (left), of Wikipedia fame...)

I have listened to their show more than once (due to A7's live stream, to my discomfort) and time after time heard nothing but a spew of unmitigated bullshit that is an insult to human intelligence.

They are uneducated, uninformed, unimpressive, untalented, petty, amateurish, boring, and pathetic. They lack radio presence of any kind. I have observed more charisma in street cats.

(If you can’t tell by now, I’m unimpressed--FYI).

I have heard nothing relevant, original, insightful, or remotely useful vomited forth from their pathetically meager minds. They are no more than the most recent batch of JDL wannabes off the boat who (unique to their clich├ęd sub-culture) have somehow weaseled their way on to INR.

Their credentials are largely forged and poorly established; their CV’s are pure puff--as is their completely trumped up joke facade of an organization the "ZFA", which exists only to grant them the ability to say that it exists.

They are just another example of Jerusalem feverish Olim with a very narrow conception of politics, reality, and Israel who think that presenting a BS New York pseudo tough guy approach to English speaking Israelis is an original idea. Their weak ideologies are comprised of cheap alarmist rhetoric, low hyperbole, and **** for brains.

They have nothing worth saying that isn’t being said by people far better than themselves from whom they stole it.

They make no contribution and are beyond a joke.

I will not listen to them again (even by accident) and will laugh at and mock those who do.

Hey monkeys: Can you dig that?

[This should not be misconstrued an attack on A7, which I will continue to endorse. It is merely a criticism of their judgment in allowing these two to pollute their e-waves.]

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Saudi Hareidia!

I was in Malha mall in Jtown last week and boy oh boy...

There I was,  immediately surrounded by thousands of Arabs...not just arabs...but Middle class arabs!

I was shocked. Having frequented the mall many times in years now past I was overwhelmed by how much I felt like I was in a middle class suburban saudi neighborhood (if there are such things)...middle class arabs in Jerusalem...oh boy...we are doomed. I relish the days when arabs were too poor and too socially revolting to dare consider venturing into respectable jewish establishments. 


every last one of them was enjoying some form of ice cream. Only chocolate and vanilla I noticed though, Allah must not approve of other more scandalous flavors.  Imam says: "no caramel ice is a tool of the Yahud will cause you to masturbate...they want you to masturbate and not procreate more of our noble race...damn those Jews and their devilish ice cream..."

We should seriously consider luring young arab children out of the country through the use of Glida diplomacy. "do you really want a state or some chunky monkey (no pun at arabs gayness intended at all...), yes enjoy the chunky monkey..." 

The only counter to the tremendous arab population was the Hareidi population. They were mostly eating pizza and burger king. Maybe they can be lured into the army and work force through the promise pizza hut and hamburgers.
No doubt they would find a way to get their hamburgers and eat them too.  Ultra orthodox rabbi says: no eating burger king...look at the tziyoinim and what it has done to will make you masturbate and stop learning the talmud...for the 8000th time..."

Its so crazy how many draft dodgers are hanging out at the malha mall at any given time.

So to no surprise I ended up gorging myself on pizza and ice cream.

It was an interesting field what I can only refer to as SAUDI HAREIDIA!