Monday, January 14, 2008

Spinka Rav gets it!

You can't say you don't love it when a Chaper gets nailed!

Dos iz mamesh eh shondeh fer de goyim!!!

He and his cadre of Chapers are just of the tip of the iceberg--to be sure.

At least he wasn't caught naked with some little kid...

Speaking of inappropriate relations, don't pretend you're not curious about what 
the rebbe will go through in prison!?

I guess that's when being a shamesh/gabai really sucks. (get it? Im sure the shamesh will).

More seriously, this case highlights the atrocious nature of the chaper attitude. for some reason
many Hareidim do not feel responsible to observe secular laws in Israel or abroad. It sickens me. such behavior only goes to reinforce the fact that Hareidi society is no more than an ultra-pretentious perverted elitism.  

Rebbe, dos pas nisht

BTW--Dont pick up the soap.

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  1. Dr spaceman9:24 PM

    this is what happens to chutznikim who ignore the truth of the torat eretz yisrael!


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