Saturday, February 06, 2010

Harrasing stinking Hilonim

A new Frank pastime is to stereotype Hilonim and act prejudicialy to their faces.

When I find a likely hiloni either randomly or in formal circumstances eating I'll ask them "what is that, pork?", and then move right into "are you one of those people that hates Zionism and wants to give our country to the Arabs?". I try and throw in "you think what's happening to the the Arabs here is worse than the holocaust, right?". A good old "you would marry a non Jew right? A German goy?".

These comments get alot o them really going. I usually just try to do this to people who i know have some anti-religious bias.

When they ask why I am insulting them with these questions I simply say: "oh, but I don't see you wearing a kippa, you must be a Hiloni, and don't all Hilonim believe...".

You see everyday in israel religious people have to deal with the same nonsense from the non religious. Questions like "are you one of those religious people who believe..." fill in the blank. Or any number of endless cavalier references to a kippa or kosher dietary prefernces.

I think the religious should start fighting back with the same stupid bullshit.

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