Friday, January 20, 2006

Hebron Invasion

We are a sick people.

Our judgment is despicable and our integrity is lacking in every category.

Surely, we have now succumbed to Herzl's vision of the Zionist dream with “Jews being arrested, beaten, and expelled from their own lands by Jewish Police and armed forces.”

The realization of a dream. How beautiful.

Sisters and Brothers, we don’t have the ability to keep ourselves healthy. Thus, there is nothing more important now than for the arabs and other gentiles to show us the pathway to self-respect and self-redemption. We need the gentiles more than ever.

See, with our states reconstitution we often fool ourselves into thinking that we have been cured. We have often thought ourselves redeemed because we now have a country like everyone else. Well, with our state we are no closer to redemption of any kind. In fact our state blinds us to the deterioration of our people. GD damn Jewish leaders who have given up the struggle for our freedom, who sell us further into mental slavery through religion or Zionism or peace.

Our men have failed us and now there is only our great nemesis left to help us, the Gentile.

I want to beg the gentiles of the world not to give up on hating Jews. We need your hate to be more virulent and unrelenting than it has ever been before. No more partially revealed hatred, let it flow in every country, neighborhood and street where Jews are to be found. Do not stop hating us lest we kill ourselves.

Your hate will be like the new Moses for us, a guide, a teacher, and beacon of light which will motivate Jews for generations.

Your hate will be our salvation.

A nuclear Iran could be our greatest hope, our old Persian enemies making a comeback…like the bible reborn.

Let us be reborn too.

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