Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mail Call............


Lots of mail, too much to go though, but here is one that caught my eye:

--btw, the spelling mistakes are not my own, i cut and paste the mail. I personally make lots of spelling mistake but am not gona get blamed for anyone elses for dang sure golly gee whiz.

Dear Frank,

I am a comitted kahanist, what do you have to say about that, huh??

I dare you to be "Frank" about that topic, mister Frank one!!


Well for starters Leah, I dont care where you put your political money. but in ths case i think that the term Kahanist must be seriously defined and qualified. Which Kahane faction group are you talking about?

If it is of the Haivri an Lenny Goldberg strand then I think you're cool and ok. otherwise my jury is still out on the rest who have yet to prove themselves reasonable or worthwhile.

Thats that.

Dont forget to vote Hazit.

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