Thursday, September 07, 2006

How to defeat our enemies and make friends at the same time!!!

I’ve got it!!!

If you thought that Ol
mert was doing a great job, I am going to one up everyone!!!

What we need is to really develop a quality living arrangement that can suit our progressive liberal mores and provide for the dignity for our much honored and respected neighbors the Palestinians.

However, we need to change our analytical paradigm and our method of managing this little Middle Eastern crisis of ours. We need to move beyond the traditional concepts of sovereignty, security, and continuity.

I want to recommend that we all start wearing specially designed patches--that I myself have created-- that will be able to clearly separate the Jews from the gentiles in this part of the world forever. Thus we will be able to give the Arabs and Russian goyim the whole damn country while being able to keep a Jewish presence in Israel--which will appeal to the historic and cultural sensitivities of our Slavic and Arab brothers.

An example:

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