Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Masterpiece of Blasphemy...?

One of the topics knocked around in the Jacuzzi has been about Rabbinic Juadaism.

Heres the DL:

History is written by the victors and any of their victims that survive. Thats everything in short.

The Rabbis of the Talmud were an educated elitist group that chose a passive form of adaptation which turned Judaism's focus in the direction they saw most practicle. They refashioned Judaism in their on image. This is no small deal. it is a heavy matter that should give us pause at the get go. After all, consider how complicated it is for landless teachers to disect and reorganize a tradition that was forged by Kings.

They disrespected life affirming militartism which is clear by their treatment of Hanukka, Masada, and Bar Kochba--ignoring every opportunity to extract any practical meaning from those events.

They called themselves greater than GD's own Prophets while claiming that even the least of their rabbinic comrades had the power to bring the dead back to life--thereby downplaying the seemingly obvious superiority of GD's own chosen Prophets while appropriating their greatest powers. This is an effort at downplaying the actual messages of the prophets in order to substitute them with their own--if the Prophets were taken too seriously then the people would not heed rabbinic authority...this type of thinking has extended until our times in which various Jewish sects consider their paltry leaders on the level of David or greater.

They spoke in depth of their own piety in various instances, including bragging about their own scholarship...all while letting poor Hillel freeze on a roof until he had nearly died because the poor could not afford to pay to attend their holy study hall .

These small examples of how the talmud acts as chronicle of rabbinic arrogance does not attempt to denounce the myriad of benefit we recieve from its priceless value to our heritage. However, we must not decieve ourselves about where they went wrong regardless of their intent.

I am not saying to burn the talmud or that rabbis are bad, just be smart about how and what you learn from them and be quick to recognize how many of the previously mentioned negative traits have wormed their way into our present day rabbinical class.

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