Thursday, July 05, 2007

Judaism Not Western...?

A friend directed me to a radio show on, where the host denied that Israel or Judaism are inherently western and that we should all drop our liberal ideas and worldviews because it wasn't authentically Jewish to believe as such.

That's just stupid.

Everything that we know and believe about Judaism is western.

Anyone who believes otherwise is an idiot.

This is more wacko way out there BS aimed at establishing some non-sensible "Authentic Jewish Civilization" that has no religious or political value to any productive Israeli citizen. In fact, its only a tool of self marginalizing false fanatics who use this perspective as a way of attracting more disgruntled followers.

I find it especially stupid that the guy spewing this idiocy is an American Ashkenazi for the love of God. At least give me a Sephardi whose family lived under a non western civilization for at least a few generations.

Judaism as it exists today is western, the Talmud is a relic of classical civilization, the state of Israel and every Ideology it employs is western, western, western.

There is no Jewish civilization only a Jewish state... so get with it because there are real issues to be dealt with...

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