Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Israeli Yokelism...

Do not be fooled by imitators.

I am the originator of the concept of Israeli Yokelism.

I originally entitled it: The Pathetic Rustic Insularity of Israeli Yokelism.

It was chapter five in the Frank Jacuzzi  rough draft E-book. 

If you see any writer out there talking about Israeli provincialism or Yokelism, then just know they stole it from me. 

Israeli yokelism expresses itself in every facet of Israeli life, from the stereotypes they maintain about each other, the simplicity of their concepts of freedom and liberty, in mental process they go through is picking a party to vote for, to the ways in which
they manage their finances.

its real and its dangerous. but I suppose its hard to avoid smallness in a country where you cant drive 30 miles in almost any direction without being reminded of ones mortality...or maybe not, what do I know.

go figure.

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  1. Anonymous8:13 PM

    I think youre on to something here.


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