Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Irony of 60

I find it funny.

In the Talmud one who dies before 60 is considered as if he was "cut off" (Karet) from his people by God—in an act of divine justice for certain insufferable wrongdoings. 60 being the half way point to 120—which is considered an ideal life span.

Israel is 60—I wonder: will we make it to 61?

I find it funny.

61 people are all it takes to form a government in Israel. 61, being the majority of our 120 person Knesset. Are the insufferable wrongdoings of 61 people all it takes to lead us to our doom—nuclear or otherwise?

Will 61 of 120 MK's get us over the 60th year hump to set us on our way to 120?

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