Monday, May 19, 2008

Religious Fetish Update:

The Name Changer:

The name changer is an irritating annoyance of a filthy fetishist.

The name changer is person who late in life suddenly decides to start referring themselves by a name other than the one they are popularly known by. People who for years are known by a more secular name insist that everyone they know only refer to them by a religious name—regardless how stupid the name sounds, like Shloimy, Label, Channa Rachel, or Shprintzeh Leyah.

The notion of name changing is done only to appease the religious in group and nothing to do with anything else, ever. This fetish is usually associated with BTS.

Never accommodate a name changer—it will only contribute to the proliferation of more religious name fetishists.

If you ever sniff one out just stop 'em and say: "Ay fetishist! Keep your name right where it is, you will not become a new person by changing your name in some neurotic fetishist fervor!!!"

Enjoy the Frankness!


  1. B"H

    So, we should stick to goyshe names like Frank?

  2. Frank means "javelin".
    An appropriate name for one who is a "warrior" of sorts I think.
    It is interesting how Hashem names us who we are in any language.

  3. Lemon, It's still goyshe. ;-)


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