Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Who to vote for…

The only legitimate choice is Likud.

Surprised that the Frankness is going mainstream? Don’t be.

During the disengagement we all witnessed the failure of parties like the NRP and National Union to really do anything significant to stop the process or seriously impede it. They either had neither the ability nor the will to do so. Either way their entire Raison d'être became void.

The most important issue now is simply preventing Livni and Barak from attaining any significant position of leadership. Ideally, a Livni loss would result in the dissolution of the Kadima party, and whereas that would not be justice enough for the 10,000 people expelled from their homes in Gush Katif, trying to cause said dissolution through our voting power would be the least we could do. In other words, if by voting for Bibi we can destroy Kadima then that’s a worthwhile cause in my eyes.

Beyond that, I see that for now, in light of the smaller parties failures we have to try and affect the country from within the most powerful vehicle for change that we have at our disposal to do so. At the moment that is the Likud. Bibi has not earned my trust, but there are a few people in the top ten slots on the list who certainly have. I am going to give people like Benny begin and Moshe Ya’alon a chance. BTW, this isn’t Frank pulling a Feiglin, because unlike him, I actually want you to vote only for the Likud party this time around and no other.

As for other parties I have supported in the past. I have supported and have been a proponent of other more fringe yet ideologically true parties in the past. I have witnessed that my support for them, while having been worthwhile, has not paid off for this country in the long run. This has to do with their inability to attain positions of true relevance either due to bad decision-making by way of poor partnerships or the inability to separate ideology from the game of politics and thereby losing the ability to actually reach a national platform.

Do not be deluded though. I am not certain that Bibi wont fail us all, but right now he presents the best chance for affecting a shift from the land for peace paradigm that this country has been operating upon for the last 15 years. My hope is that his program of economic development for the Arabs and a bottom up strategy will result in a paradigm shift for many of this country’s voters and show them that there are other directions to move in beyond the mantra’s of the media and the left. Hopefully shifting them more rightward through time.

It’s sad but unfortunately the Likud and Bibi’s new plan is the only mechanism we have to change things at this moment. We cannot simply shout our slogans and propaganda and hope it will be enough. Many of this country’s citizens are operating on distorted psyches and that been brainwashed through time that things like military solutions and expulsion of Arabs are simply not only impossible but also wrong. I consider Bibi’s new program a start in a new direction, if there is any success to be had through it.

Bottom line: Vote Likud.

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