Monday, November 29, 2010


Hear O' Israel,

Five years ago I saw my faith in Zionism beaten to a pulp by the disengagement from Gaza. I have spent all of these years recovering. My anger is nothing compared to those whose lives were disrupted by that chaos, at the hands of a glutton who never got to see his comeuppance, along with the sniveling worm Ehud Olmert whose freedom mocks us still. 

I have seen all of Israel. The people. The ideologies. The distorted psyche's. I have seen all of it and found nothing more than 3rd worlders--glorified and the unglorified alike.

From top to bottom this country is weak. It is dominated by the hoodlum oligarchs of business, politics, academia and religion. They are no better than cheap 3rd world pit bosses dictating the thoughts and agendas of the millions of fools they have engineered into its populace. As far as politics goes, everything we see before us today has happened before, and it will all happen again. Meanwhile, our enemies eye us with the lusty gaze of the scavenger over a soon to be meal.

What will we do to prevent the collapse? 

This is my focus. This is my question to you.

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