Thursday, November 17, 2005

The wasted vote theory is BS! (Or) Unity Sucks!!!

First things first: Israeli politics is like a dirty toilet bowl that we all want to clean out so we can sit on it more comfortably. Political parties are the cleaning supplies and we are the janitors that choose them. Ok, now read on.

The big discussion in right-wing politics now is “unity”.

Lately, you hear a lot of: “Whaa, whaa, whaa, all the parties should join together, blah, blah, blah.”

Well I am here to tell you that unity sucks. Yes it does, it sucks indeed.

Here are the 3 competing interests in right wing politics today and my stunning analysis of them:

The Knesseteers:

Knesseteers are people who think that The National Union and Mafdal are the right wing answer. People with this belief also make good candidates for the Darwin awards. They think that their parties can make a difference in the left wing agenda this country is hooked on—this after the Jewish expulsion from Gaza. So as you can see they are really quite stupid. Next time you meet one give ‘em a cookie and a nice pat on the head and then when he’s too busy eating the cookie to notice push him down the steps.

The Feiglinites:

Feiglinites are like Knesseteers on a mission.

The Alternatives:

Alternatives rule. I love having alternatives. When is having an alternative a bad thing? Alternatives are people who look for actual options to the toilet boil of Israeli politics. Unlike the Knesseteers they don’t like swimming in doodoo, they like flushing it down the toilet into the sewer with the arab's where it belongs.

These parties cannot unify.

The Knesseteers blame the Alternatives for wanting options while trying to convince them that they will be more productive cleaning out the toilet bowl from the inside rather than flushing it from the outside.

Feiglinites  say things like: “we have to fight this war on multiple fronts, lets infiltrate the big pieces of doodoo from the inside…yada. yada, yada.” No effort in Israel’s history has ever been analyzed more stupidly, including Shimon Peres’s attempt to enter Israel into the arab league, in the hope that we could make a difference or take it over from the inside.

They have been in the doodoo so long they think it’s like delicious marshmallow fluff or something.

So the Knesseteers and the Feiglinites are actually proffering alternatives to progress and wasting everyone’s time.

The Knesseteers have already failed and the Feiglinites are on the way to realizing that they have too, which will hit them like a ton of bricks. When they wake up they will have all sorts of excuses for their failed ideas, but it will be too late, they will be seen as phonies to a new generation of post-expulsion right wing Jews.

There you have it, nice and simple.

Now go simple reader and speak my truth to the world.

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