Monday, November 21, 2005

Why Sharon left and what to expect in the next election:

As much as it violates my soul to write about it, about a dozen of my die-hard fans have begged me to comment on Sharon's recent moves.

There are two possible outcomes in the next election:

1. Ariel Sharon wins by a thin margin.
2. Ariel Sharon wins by a large margin.

Trust me, he will win by a very large margin and will maintain an even greater stranglehold over the Knesset, and there will be more tragedy involved for good decent people.

Why did it make sense to leave the party now?

If you just said, “um, because of Amir Peretz (AKA Super Musty), right?” you are an idiot mouth breather just because.

Sharon would have eventually left the party one way or another and Amir Peretz simply provided him with the best possible opening he needed to do so., that being: Ariel Sharon knows that traditional Labor voters and their ruling elite will never support a hairy, uneducated, super Musty, Sephardic union boss. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!!!

Like a tremendously overfed vulture Sharon is now sweeping in for all of the floating Labor votes and taking half of the Likud’s with him. He is certain to be the darling of the left-wing elites, who will support him out of pragmatics. People will also see his party as the first viable “centrist” party (which it wont be after he’s gone).

As a backward extremist I do not view Shimon Peres as an man who stands by any ideological integrity and believe that he will eventually join Sharon's party--like the evil vampire whore I have exposed him to be. But even if he does'nt, he and Lapid (who will suffer big time losses) will help solidify the Sharon government mandate after the election is over.


Leaving the Likud before the primary but after the vote to postpone it demonstrates his support in the Likud, and allows him to exit a winner (which Israelis like) without the risks of running against anyone else for party leadership. This also has the added effect of vilifying anyone with any sort of right-wing inkling as an obstacle to peace and the democratic process. He looks like he is leaving because of crazy right-wingers, not because he is scarred that he won’t win the primary (which he would).


He will without any doubt be the most powerful and effective evil Prime Minister Israel has ever had. He will make Ben-Gurion look like the little conniving elf-fairy he was.

Israelis will vote for him if for no other reason than they think he is going to win anyway.

Bottom Line:

Sharon could be PM in the Likud, but he is leaving increase his mandate by attracting the people he really represents: “center” (read: without a clue) leftists and rightists. They will give him the monumental landslide victory he needs to be the kind of dictator he has always wanted to be. It is a smart plan.

Labor will lose big.

Likud will lose really big.

The National Union/Mafdal Knesseteers won’t matter at all. (Just ask Aryeh Eldad. Why do you think he is so pissed about seated sixth on the list: He doesn’t think the NU will get too many seats in the Knesset, where he is one of the few MK’s that put his reputation on the line during the expulsion.)

The End

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