Monday, February 11, 2008

Manifesto of the Judean Dictatorship: A Frank Musing

Democracy can be great. It presents an open marketplace for ideas, speech, and agendas. This competition, as in evolution, creates an atmosphere in which weak agendas may be weeded out when they fail to stand up to public scrutiny and credible agendas receive their deserved podium. Ideally, the most qualitative ideas are given an equal footing in which to struggle, fight, and grow. Society may choose poor directions within which to move, but the option for another answer, another way, was always there or at least could have been presented—thus, a society itself can be blamed for its choices having had options or potential options available all along. Democracy can be great in short, because it presents options.

A free and independent media is perhaps the greatest asset of an open democracy. It is the forum; it is the coliseum in which ideas, ideologies, and politics do battle. It is crucial to democratic processes.

Moreover though, democracy is reflected within the nature of states political institutions and political leaders: Are they open to scrutiny by the public? Are public officials chosen in open and competitive elections? Are they accountable to the people? Do the people matter or do the leaders and institutions ignore their pleas, ignore their suffering, and ignore their indignity like some Russian Tsar or French King or British Monarch?

Ultimately, you must ask yourself: Is this government for the people and by the people? Is it truly democratic or are we slaves to yet another despotic master?

In ancient times, the Kingdom of Israel was run down by generations of idolatrous and decadent hacks. No different is the state of Israel today. We are controlled by a system that flaunts fairness, that flaunts justice, that flaunts dignity, and makes a mockery of the name in which claims an essentially divine right to lead: Democracy. But, democracy is no god. Democracy is in fact nothing but an idea in theory and an adjective in practice. Thus it is totally dependent upon human thoughts and actions.

Unlike the forces of gravity or electro magnetism, democracy possesses no life force of its own. Its merit is reliant entirely upon human action. Invoking its name in an effort to justify leadership or the continuation of leadership is a meaningless act if not buttressed by a measurable history of real democratic behavior.

Terms like democracy and the rule of law are often invoked by Israeli apparatchiks in efforts to promote one person, party, or agenda while stifling another. If someone proposes an issue outside of the apparatchik consensus then they are not being “democratic”. If one recommends that a certain process or institution need be replaced or changed then they are hampering “the rule of law”.

As ancient priests and witch doctors, Israeli apparatchiks invoke these powerful and vague names and ideas in an effort to confound the conscience of the simple man. As conmen and crooks they convince the simple man that their trickery is lawful and just. In time we all become the simple man and lose the stomach to fight the apparatchiks, or worse fight them on their own grounds.

The state of Israel was formed no differently than the way gang members carve out territory for themselves. Groups like the labor Zionists sunk their roots deeply into the DNA of this state through Altalena and Kastner affairs. They did it through betrayals and crude manipulations. They desperately held onto power for years all the while entrusting their minute elite with control of the bureaucracy, media, industry, and statecraft. To this day we suffer the results of the many controlled by the few.

Our ingrained simpleton like weakness allows them to reduce options, force agendas, and restrict our freedom. This is because this state is no democracy. It is an elected despotism and it will grind us all into the ground before it has breathed its last breath if we choose not to stop it.

This subtle oligarchy has led this nation from degrading debacle to another. It has fostered disunity by making bigotry and nihilism into respectable creeds all in effort to squabble amongst themselves over state budgets, diplomatic, military, and political posts with as little interference from their anathematic rivals as possible.

Our nation, not long after having suffered the incomprehensibility of the Shoah has been rebuilt. We have constructed a new body; A strong body that reverberates with political and economic muscle. But, the heart is confused, because the brain is weak.

Years of kowtowing to pathetic labor agendas have turned our analytical faculties to mush. Thus we have been dragged through the indignity of a peace process with an enemy who tears at us as wolves on a weak prey. Yet as they pull at us from every which way we plead with them to stop, or at least focus their hunger on a part of our body that can stand to suffer a bit longer that our most vital organs.

There is only one solution: a real democracy. Yet the way to this democracy must be paved. It must be hewn. It must be rise from the ashes of our current form like a phoenix. It can be only thus.

The Dictatorship of the Judean State will arise from a military coup or civilian uprising. Its sole purpose will be to effectively alter the nature of our proverbial mind irreversibly. The left wing elite will be removed from influence and its leadership deposed. Its academics will be replaced and its institutions reformed beyond recognition. Only thus will the necessary conditions for a Judean Democracy be achieved. The people will rally behind this purpose, and those who are unable do so as a result of years under putrid labor corruption will be remedied of their inability to participate.

Our dictatorship will be led by a leader of strength, supported by a Judean council of the strong—yet his power absolute. We will trust in him, our Ben Yosef, until he has completed his work and is able to relax control and hand power over to our Ben David. Then a truer democracy will not be known.

Why will it be called the state of Judea? Because Judea is the polar opposite of Israel. Judea fought until its fiery and bloody destruction against enemies who defiled it and yet it shall remerge in fire and blood again if necessary. Judea is the Phoenix of the Jewish soul. Israel is a sickness of the exile amputated and forced into Judea’s rightful place.

After the revolution has washed over our people like a tidal wave regression will be impossible. After the revolution we will be one.

If you will it…it is no dream.


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  2. dr. spaceman1:40 PM

    whats ironic is that the powers that be in this fake democracy would consider this very statement to be out of the bounds of respectable democratic "speach".

    Good job Frank!

  3. Well if your not in jail already for writing this stuff there.

    Please Continue!
    Kol Hakavod.


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