Monday, February 25, 2008

Zionist Revolution? (A Frank Musing)

Zionism did not bring Jews to Israel.

Persecution drove Jews to Israel, just like it did to many other countries--as refugees. Zionist endeavors created an additional place for those refugees to turn to.

Zionism did not bring the refugees of the Shoah, nor the Sephardim of MENA (middle east-north Africa), nor the Russians. All of these had few choices as where to go.

Combined these 3 groups represent the vast majority of Israel today. They were not Zionist ideologues and neither were their children after them, who were born and raised on this soil. For those youths the word “Zionism” was a mantra that held far less meaning or value for them than the desperate immigrant refugee needs for sustenance and security.

Zionism didn’t bring them here, it didn’t sustain them here, and it didn’t protect them here. And in the mouths of elitist labor apparatchik politicians it became a cheap rhetorical tool.

Moreover, as the labor oligarchs have infected and disassembled this country’s morale and fighting spirit through the inanity of its policies and its stranglehold on freedom and democracy, they too infected Zionism with their virus and squeezed the very life out of it--be reminded of Kastner, Altalena, Oslo and now Gush Katif. Thus, in the broader national and cultural senses Zionism has remained a wholly arrested and unrealized movement since nearly its inception.

Understandably so, Zionism has little value much less meaning as a term in Israel today. It continues to exist only within the fringes of society as it did at its conception, where it remains incubated though unrealized, like a Jew in a European ghetto holding on for that long suffered for Redemption.

Thus, immigrant culture has been the defining characteristic of the Israeli experience, punctuated by a delusional impatience and hyperactive distorted individualism--a Magiah Li culture as some have put it.

So, to those today that speak of carrying on or renewing a Zionist revolution you must ask: Amongst whom? Zionism has long been spoiled in the eyes and minds of this country’s inhabitants as a call to action.

Zionism isn’t enough anymore. A revolution on a grander scale is required.

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  1. Salafi Takfir6:57 PM

    in a way yes. but doesnt it depend upon how one defines zionism? (ie political or cultural).

    Is there a definition youd like to share?


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