Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yehezkel Dror and The Winograd 5

"I'm an elitist. Eighty percent of the critical decisions affecting Israel are shaped by maybe 100 or 200 people, 300. These are my clients. These are the people I want to read the report and discuss it. The other people, I also want them to read it, but I'm more interested in those few hundred...Because a few can make a difference."

-- Yehezkel Dror, Winograd Commission Member.

Dror and his Winograd colleagues are no more than apparatchik cogs in a corrupt system. Nothing that emits from within the lair of corruption that is the Olmert Prime Ministry should be regarded with any validity. The Winograd report defies the freedom and just right of this people to attain truth and closure over a war so pathetically managed. It is a mock report drafted by a mock committee.

An extreme example to illustrate an identical point: Imagine Joseph Stalin appointing a commission to examine the truth behind claims that he was in fact murdering political “criminals” and insubordinates—the purges. Would you consider that committees findings valid??? No. Would you expect that their findings, even if truthful, would bear any affect on that man??? No, not at all.

The same is true in Israel.

There are obvious reasons why the Winograd 5 wouldn’t condemn Olmert scathingly. The most germane being that to do so would be to turn their backs on their own elitist political agendas, which Olmert now clings to like a life preserver. As apparatchiks (some actions of Ruth Gavison notwithstanding) of the elitist oligarchy no more could ever be expected from them.

The questions you have to ask: Who really runs this country? Does the nation control the government or does the government control the nation?

The great Paul Eidelberg has the distinction of being the only man on the face of the earth to site this country’s system of governance for exactly what it really is: a self perpetuating oligarchy.

I add that this country’s method of governance and apparatus is solely sustained through a deeply entrenched decadent elitist plutocracy. Change that and everything else will follow.

Dror knows this and he has been proud to serve its deplorable agenda:

"Someone told me "Winograd is a chance in a lifetime." I corrected him. Once in a hundred lifetimes. I told my friends, if Mephistopheles had approached me in a Faustian trade and told me, "You get the appointment [to Winograd] but I shorten your lifespan by a couple of years," I would have agreed immediately. Life is not only a matter of the years, but what you do with them...The Winograd Committee
is for me a peak in my life, an opportunity to learn, improve my thinking and advance what I believe is a contribution to the [well-being] of Israel."

There is no freedom or truth under this burden.


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