Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Being a Prepared IDF Soldier

 If you’re in the IDF or plan on it there are some things you need to understand about it.


It’s a civilian army. Meaning that few of its members are professional. Many of the people who are there don’t want to be there, or at least wouldn’t be there if not for the draft. There is a widely fluctuating spectrum of discipline and morale amongst each individual. So do not maintain any romantic illusions about the nobility of IDF soldiers as individuals. Many including myself have had loaded magazines stolen from them by other soldiers who had foolishly lost their own in an environment where lives could easily have depended upon that crucial equipment at a moments notice. So be prepared.


You may be poorly outfitted in terms of gear. So here is a list of recommendations for items that are either superior to IDF standard issues or not issued in any form whatsoever. These have been recommended to me by people far more knowledgeable than myself--my own homework has validated those wise reccomendations. Where brand names are mentioned they are done so for a reason and should not be disregarded. AND btw, be smart, do your own research on the topic. This should only be considered a primer, if the topic is new to you. If you’ve got better ideas I’d like to hear them. Honestly.

Water/filter/purifier options (one of these, or something similar):

First choice - Blackhawk! makes some of the best designed/toughest operator gear there is. Don't know this product, but would assume it is top notch, BlackHawk® Hydrastorm™ In-Line Filter:

Second choice - Camelbak makes good stuff. Very good filter, a little pricier than the Blackhawk! one, Camelbak HydroLink™ In-Line Microfilter:

Third choice - polarpure: ProductDisplay?productId=13879&memberId=12500226

Fourth choice - Bulkier but cheaper:

Finally, as a last resort and by far the cheapest, lightest, simplest water carrying and purification system there is a Ziplock bag. I use heavy-duty Ziplock freezer bags. Fill with biologically questionable water. Let sit in sunny place until water gets very hot (160+ F or 71+C). Let cool. Drink. Much better than nothing.


Cost $10-15, weight about one ounce. Something like this:


A waterproof, tough, teeny red LED flashlight, about $10-15, weighs less than one ounce. Similar to one of these. Gerber used to make a very nice one, can’t find
it now.

If you want bigger/better, SureFire G2, maybe the one with the red filter, about 6 inches long.

GO THE RIGHT WAY (not to Ramallah):

An inexpensive Silva or Suunto compass with luminous points. Cost $10-20, weight 1-2 ounces. Don’t get an off brand compass.


Leatherman Wave or equivalent, or equivalent Gerber, around 6-9 ounces, around $50-70. At least a little pocketknife or cheap multi-tool knockoff. But I’d
recommend not;go with a Leatherman or Gerber. Don’t get a Swiss army knife, even a good one (for these purposes).


Either of these is a bit bulkier and weightier. Worth thinking about having one or both of these:

I think this is a US version of the Israeli Trauma Bandage, which is probably better, and about which I have repeatedly heard great things:

Also some of the new, improved Celox type products (not quickclot) are worth looking into:

You can find Celox in bunches of places, even on Amazon:

Be careful of comparable brands.

Another is an Asherman Chest Seal. Asherman was a Navy Seal. Lots of places (EMT supply stores or military stores—probably the best bet) carry them. They run $10-$20. For example here:

The dead guy in picture 4 is why you might carry one. Here's quick and dirty on how to deal with that wound (expedient or using an Asherman Chest Seal):

The Bottom Line:

If I was going somewhere where I was seriously worried about getting shot/etc. I would try to find a way to carry an Israeli trauma bandage (maybe 2, depending on space available), 2-3 packs of Celox and (maybe) a chest patch (or at least some easily accessible duct tape). Ideally, they should be easily accessible, like in a pocket/thigh rig/ammo pouch or something, but not obvious, so people who did not learn from the grasshopper and the ant do not expect you to share. You are a soldier, not a medic. I'm not suggesting never providing direct pressure or soothing words in the absence of hostile threat. But, this is enough for you maybe treat one serious wound. If you treat someone else and then you get hit, and there is no help around, you will not be able to help yourself.

If you want to fix other peoples wounds, become a medic. If not, substantiate Darwin.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Zionist Revolution? (A Frank Musing)

Zionism did not bring Jews to Israel.

Persecution drove Jews to Israel, just like it did to many other countries--as refugees. Zionist endeavors created an additional place for those refugees to turn to.

Zionism did not bring the refugees of the Shoah, nor the Sephardim of MENA (middle east-north Africa), nor the Russians. All of these had few choices as where to go.

Combined these 3 groups represent the vast majority of Israel today. They were not Zionist ideologues and neither were their children after them, who were born and raised on this soil. For those youths the word “Zionism” was a mantra that held far less meaning or value for them than the desperate immigrant refugee needs for sustenance and security.

Zionism didn’t bring them here, it didn’t sustain them here, and it didn’t protect them here. And in the mouths of elitist labor apparatchik politicians it became a cheap rhetorical tool.

Moreover, as the labor oligarchs have infected and disassembled this country’s morale and fighting spirit through the inanity of its policies and its stranglehold on freedom and democracy, they too infected Zionism with their virus and squeezed the very life out of it--be reminded of Kastner, Altalena, Oslo and now Gush Katif. Thus, in the broader national and cultural senses Zionism has remained a wholly arrested and unrealized movement since nearly its inception.

Understandably so, Zionism has little value much less meaning as a term in Israel today. It continues to exist only within the fringes of society as it did at its conception, where it remains incubated though unrealized, like a Jew in a European ghetto holding on for that long suffered for Redemption.

Thus, immigrant culture has been the defining characteristic of the Israeli experience, punctuated by a delusional impatience and hyperactive distorted individualism--a Magiah Li culture as some have put it.

So, to those today that speak of carrying on or renewing a Zionist revolution you must ask: Amongst whom? Zionism has long been spoiled in the eyes and minds of this country’s inhabitants as a call to action.

Zionism isn’t enough anymore. A revolution on a grander scale is required.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Burn Baby, Burn!


I wish something like this would happen in Israel every time a foreign state or multi-national organization would attempt to impose itself upon (the myth of) Israeli sovereignty.

These Serbians have got the right idea.

Enjoy the Frankness!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Yehezkel Dror and The Winograd 5

"I'm an elitist. Eighty percent of the critical decisions affecting Israel are shaped by maybe 100 or 200 people, 300. These are my clients. These are the people I want to read the report and discuss it. The other people, I also want them to read it, but I'm more interested in those few hundred...Because a few can make a difference."

-- Yehezkel Dror, Winograd Commission Member.

Dror and his Winograd colleagues are no more than apparatchik cogs in a corrupt system. Nothing that emits from within the lair of corruption that is the Olmert Prime Ministry should be regarded with any validity. The Winograd report defies the freedom and just right of this people to attain truth and closure over a war so pathetically managed. It is a mock report drafted by a mock committee.

An extreme example to illustrate an identical point: Imagine Joseph Stalin appointing a commission to examine the truth behind claims that he was in fact murdering political “criminals” and insubordinates—the purges. Would you consider that committees findings valid??? No. Would you expect that their findings, even if truthful, would bear any affect on that man??? No, not at all.

The same is true in Israel.

There are obvious reasons why the Winograd 5 wouldn’t condemn Olmert scathingly. The most germane being that to do so would be to turn their backs on their own elitist political agendas, which Olmert now clings to like a life preserver. As apparatchiks (some actions of Ruth Gavison notwithstanding) of the elitist oligarchy no more could ever be expected from them.

The questions you have to ask: Who really runs this country? Does the nation control the government or does the government control the nation?

The great Paul Eidelberg has the distinction of being the only man on the face of the earth to site this country’s system of governance for exactly what it really is: a self perpetuating oligarchy.

I add that this country’s method of governance and apparatus is solely sustained through a deeply entrenched decadent elitist plutocracy. Change that and everything else will follow.

Dror knows this and he has been proud to serve its deplorable agenda:

"Someone told me "Winograd is a chance in a lifetime." I corrected him. Once in a hundred lifetimes. I told my friends, if Mephistopheles had approached me in a Faustian trade and told me, "You get the appointment [to Winograd] but I shorten your lifespan by a couple of years," I would have agreed immediately. Life is not only a matter of the years, but what you do with them...The Winograd Committee
is for me a peak in my life, an opportunity to learn, improve my thinking and advance what I believe is a contribution to the [well-being] of Israel."

There is no freedom or truth under this burden.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Poker vs Chess

A friend recently asked me to justify the opinion that Poker is a greater game of strategy than chess, which he foolishly feels is the ultimate game of war.

The Frank Justification continues  here...

Well my friend, allow me to spell it out:

In poker you stand to actually lose something (your hard earned money). In chess you lose nothing (but pride and pieces). The potential risk of being parted with tangible assets enhances all game-play factors. IF you lose, you can lose everything—not just cards or pieces.

In chess your archaically inspired pieces represent nothing different than what the pieces in a Parcheesi game represent. In poker your chips symbolize hard cash. Even when playing for chips instead of cash the symbolism remains and is as real to the players as live fire war game skirmishes are to the military.

In chess you don’t consolidate a victory by taking anything more than an empty board in which you are alone in victory. In chess you win bragging writes. In poker you take your enemies assets to celebrate with at your leisure. In poker you relish the fact that your hated competitor may end up homeless that night due to his loses. In chess you just stare at the other guy a lot.

Unlike war to which chess is so often compared, chess is a one on one game. Like war Poker is a multi player experience involving multiple skill levels, skill sets, agendas and resources.

A poker player maintains an arsenal of tools that are employed solely for the purposes of destroying multiple competitors in a continuously shifting playing field where winner takes ALL. Some players rely on luck; some rely on balls, some on the depth of their pockets, yet others rely on odds, and others on their knowledge of their combatants (i.e. Intel). Like war, and unlike chess, no contest begins on an even playing field. Like war poker is a game based upon multiple forces of attrition and aggressive intent.

Poker maintains all factors that make chess the great game it is and many others that it does not.

Chess is a game like golf or tennis, elegant and sophisticated, yet no one will watch it on TV. Poker is like the Superbowl exciting and dangerous and made for men only. Pansies don’t play poker and if they did they would be eaten alive inside of a minute.

If likened to alcohol then chess is vodka and poker is single malt scotch.

If either can be likened to war then Chess is Clausewitz and Poker is Sun-Tzu.

I have found no game or sport that reveals more about a participant’s character than poker.

That’s the bottom line.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Manifesto of the Judean Dictatorship: A Frank Musing

Democracy can be great. It presents an open marketplace for ideas, speech, and agendas. This competition, as in evolution, creates an atmosphere in which weak agendas may be weeded out when they fail to stand up to public scrutiny and credible agendas receive their deserved podium. Ideally, the most qualitative ideas are given an equal footing in which to struggle, fight, and grow. Society may choose poor directions within which to move, but the option for another answer, another way, was always there or at least could have been presented—thus, a society itself can be blamed for its choices having had options or potential options available all along. Democracy can be great in short, because it presents options.

A free and independent media is perhaps the greatest asset of an open democracy. It is the forum; it is the coliseum in which ideas, ideologies, and politics do battle. It is crucial to democratic processes.

Moreover though, democracy is reflected within the nature of states political institutions and political leaders: Are they open to scrutiny by the public? Are public officials chosen in open and competitive elections? Are they accountable to the people? Do the people matter or do the leaders and institutions ignore their pleas, ignore their suffering, and ignore their indignity like some Russian Tsar or French King or British Monarch?

Ultimately, you must ask yourself: Is this government for the people and by the people? Is it truly democratic or are we slaves to yet another despotic master?

In ancient times, the Kingdom of Israel was run down by generations of idolatrous and decadent hacks. No different is the state of Israel today. We are controlled by a system that flaunts fairness, that flaunts justice, that flaunts dignity, and makes a mockery of the name in which claims an essentially divine right to lead: Democracy. But, democracy is no god. Democracy is in fact nothing but an idea in theory and an adjective in practice. Thus it is totally dependent upon human thoughts and actions.

Unlike the forces of gravity or electro magnetism, democracy possesses no life force of its own. Its merit is reliant entirely upon human action. Invoking its name in an effort to justify leadership or the continuation of leadership is a meaningless act if not buttressed by a measurable history of real democratic behavior.

Terms like democracy and the rule of law are often invoked by Israeli apparatchiks in efforts to promote one person, party, or agenda while stifling another. If someone proposes an issue outside of the apparatchik consensus then they are not being “democratic”. If one recommends that a certain process or institution need be replaced or changed then they are hampering “the rule of law”.

As ancient priests and witch doctors, Israeli apparatchiks invoke these powerful and vague names and ideas in an effort to confound the conscience of the simple man. As conmen and crooks they convince the simple man that their trickery is lawful and just. In time we all become the simple man and lose the stomach to fight the apparatchiks, or worse fight them on their own grounds.

The state of Israel was formed no differently than the way gang members carve out territory for themselves. Groups like the labor Zionists sunk their roots deeply into the DNA of this state through Altalena and Kastner affairs. They did it through betrayals and crude manipulations. They desperately held onto power for years all the while entrusting their minute elite with control of the bureaucracy, media, industry, and statecraft. To this day we suffer the results of the many controlled by the few.

Our ingrained simpleton like weakness allows them to reduce options, force agendas, and restrict our freedom. This is because this state is no democracy. It is an elected despotism and it will grind us all into the ground before it has breathed its last breath if we choose not to stop it.

This subtle oligarchy has led this nation from degrading debacle to another. It has fostered disunity by making bigotry and nihilism into respectable creeds all in effort to squabble amongst themselves over state budgets, diplomatic, military, and political posts with as little interference from their anathematic rivals as possible.

Our nation, not long after having suffered the incomprehensibility of the Shoah has been rebuilt. We have constructed a new body; A strong body that reverberates with political and economic muscle. But, the heart is confused, because the brain is weak.

Years of kowtowing to pathetic labor agendas have turned our analytical faculties to mush. Thus we have been dragged through the indignity of a peace process with an enemy who tears at us as wolves on a weak prey. Yet as they pull at us from every which way we plead with them to stop, or at least focus their hunger on a part of our body that can stand to suffer a bit longer that our most vital organs.

There is only one solution: a real democracy. Yet the way to this democracy must be paved. It must be hewn. It must be rise from the ashes of our current form like a phoenix. It can be only thus.

The Dictatorship of the Judean State will arise from a military coup or civilian uprising. Its sole purpose will be to effectively alter the nature of our proverbial mind irreversibly. The left wing elite will be removed from influence and its leadership deposed. Its academics will be replaced and its institutions reformed beyond recognition. Only thus will the necessary conditions for a Judean Democracy be achieved. The people will rally behind this purpose, and those who are unable do so as a result of years under putrid labor corruption will be remedied of their inability to participate.

Our dictatorship will be led by a leader of strength, supported by a Judean council of the strong—yet his power absolute. We will trust in him, our Ben Yosef, until he has completed his work and is able to relax control and hand power over to our Ben David. Then a truer democracy will not be known.

Why will it be called the state of Judea? Because Judea is the polar opposite of Israel. Judea fought until its fiery and bloody destruction against enemies who defiled it and yet it shall remerge in fire and blood again if necessary. Judea is the Phoenix of the Jewish soul. Israel is a sickness of the exile amputated and forced into Judea’s rightful place.

After the revolution has washed over our people like a tidal wave regression will be impossible. After the revolution we will be one.

If you will it…it is no dream.

Enough of B’teyavon!!!!!!!

This really grinds my gears!

Without fail, any place in which I wish to eat a meal, sandwich, or even minuscule snack of any kind some Israeli comes out of the woodwork to tell be B’teyavon! (Bon app├ętit).

I can be on a bus, train, a hike, or alone on top of the Hermon and out of nowhere, just as I am about to eat anything out jumps some weirdo and his B’teyavon.

There are those who might find this charming (the same obnoxious new Oleh Ba’al Teshuvahesque people who love to tell you how much they love it when it rains here). To me, its kind of feels like someone interrupting a sneeze just as you’re about to let it rip.

I hate it.

Why? Because of how ridiculously ironic it is and the absurd function it serves to the distorted Israeli psyche.

The same Israeli who: pisses on public tree lawns, who needlessly drives like an inspired lunatic and curses your mother’s mother when you get in his way for a quarter second, who litters with a passion, walks around in his boxer shorts on a hot day while abusing small animals, who spits sunflower seeds everywhere he eats them, who recklessly spews religious bigotry, who lies cheats and steals from unsuspecting tourists six ways to Sunday, who cuts in every line imaginable, who smokes at bus stops next to pregnant women and young children, curses like a Mohammedan sailor, and VOTES FOR EHUD OLMERT has the nerve to tell ME B’teyavon!!!

I believe that the Israeli, aware that it is lacking any unique sense of culture or etiquette (alla Ahad Ha'am) has only recourse to invoke what is actually a crude insult in what may overtly appear as its single expression of good manners.

Notice how it is always and only stated once the food is about to enter your mouth, its like they wait with baited breath just to irk you with polite offense.

You see what the Israeli really means is: F**K YOU!

They are just so socially despicable that they have found a method for insulting you with what should otherwise serve as their only redeeming quality, but rather than bow to the expectation that they do as such, they remain consistently vulgar.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Shalit, Goldwasser, and Regev: Men Who All Deserve More Than We Are Willing To Give Them

In my home we have a custom: every Friday night before we recite kiddush we say the prayer for our captured soldiers who don’t have Shabbat with their families and friends as we are privileged to.

It’s really the least we can do, but I like to think that it elicits a conscience among our guests and us.

These poor men. These poor bastards who are suffering GD knows what on a daily basis.

One of my friends actually hopes that they are dead so that they don’t have to suffer the tortuous indignities that Arabs are known to inflict upon our people.

Another person I know believes that we should play it smart and try to negotiate with their captures for their freedom.

I am of the opinion that actions speak louder than words. I am of the opinion that negotiating with these foul monsters is degrading to our very essence as human beings and Jews—the survivors of Babylon, Greece, Rome, Stalin, and Hitler.

I say we go after our men and retrieve them wherever they may be held. I say we kill the bastards who took them and ship their body parts home in pigskin.

I say we go for them as we did for Nachson Wachsman.

“Wachsman” you say??? “Wasn’t he killed in rescue attempt? Wasn’t it pointless?”

Would be captures of Israeli soldiers must learn that every time an Israeli soldier is captured that we will be coming, that we will come with force and that we will execute the men who take our boys with brutal distinction.

What our men need to know is that wherever they are taken, wherever they may be we will come for them. That no matter what conditions prevail we will be there for them. They must know that they do not defend the Moledet at their own peril, and that the defenders of our country are not expendable, that every one of them will be retrieved.

I like to think that poor Nachson Wachsman, in his final moments, knew that Israel was coming for him. I like to believe that in his final moments he heard voices speaking Hebrew coming for him and that he was not alone. He was not left to die.

Shalit, Goldwasser, Regev and every other Israeli captive are alone. There are no voices speaking their language coming to save them. Their country has abandoned them. Their military and political orders do not care enough to punish those who took them. Rather they taunt them, childishly, they play diplomatic games of cat and mouse with them that do not inspire fear.

Those who would take our boys must know that we will be there every time. And so must our boys be able to count on the same.

Mcain, Obama, or Hillary? (or, which bread should Israel eat at the circus?)

As far as Israel and the 2008 US Presidential elections go….


McCain is the strongest candidate overall and is the only candidate Israel should support in the position of president at all.


Hillary would sell us down the river just like her husband did and light us on fire as we went. I loathe the prospect of 4 more years of Clinton in any form.

Obama is an uncertainty, but he isn’t Clinton, which is sort of a plus in my book. After the many years of the Reagan/Bush cartel and the Clinton bandwagon of BS the US needs a change, but I am not convinced that he doesn’t have anti-Israel and pro-Moslem proclivities waiting in the wings. 

However… as Amotz Asa-El essentially pointed out in this past weeks Jpost there really isn’t a whole hell of a lot a US president can honestly make us do much more of in terms to ceding our dignity to our enemies (my interpretation) so what does it really matter who is president at this point?

I am personally of the opinion that we are the problem. We are the ones who allow the US to bend us into compromising position after compromising position all to suit the delicate balance of their oil and weapons contracts with Arab states. Bush is perhaps the best example of what a terrible president really is all about: A mindless tool who serves his family’s business interests by forcing us to placate the wolves who devour us and ignore the ones on their way to help in our demise.

In all reality though, can any leader of the US or Israel really make a difference for us before it’s too late???

In the end I believe we will see that the Israeli ruling elite are no different than Arab leaders are to their own people:

In the next 75 years or so when Arab oil runs out Arab economies will crash through the floor back to the stone ages, all their leaders will be off on the first plane to the west to escape the destruction and lavish in the comfort of their foreign invested oil wealth while their people suffer and wallow in catastrophe.

On the other hand, if Israel finally slides over the brink upon which it now teeters Israeli ruling elites will be off on the first plane to the west while their people suffer and wallow in catastrophe too.

So, in conclusion, there is no answer for anything really, but while we are on our way down the drain lets enjoy the voting game which has become no more than another Romanesque bread and circuses for all of us foolish enough to be concerned.