Monday, September 24, 2007

The Feast of Tabernacles Gathering (or, Rape is Christian)

A Jew believing in Christianity is as ridiculous as an almighty virtuous deity forcing himself upon (raping) an innocent and unsuspecting young woman just before her husband and her are able to consummate their marriage and then that child being born with blue eyes and blond hair and choosing carpentry as his vocation of choice. And then millennia later, coincidentally, having virtuous priests of a religion dedicated to said blue-eyed carpenter forcing themselves upon (molesting) innocent and unsuspecting children in much the same fashion as their hallowed god forced himself upon said carpenters innocent mother.

I suppose that like Jews emulation of their god is something to be taken seriously.

I don't like the event,  but to be honest I feel that any Jews who want to go...who needs em.

Because if you believe in Christianity you’re probably just a pervert who'll believe almost anything mildly associated with pederasty.


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