Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Neo-Zionist Uberblog?!

I have received many requests to comment on a blog of the above designation. (Check it out, its good stuff). I’ve gone a long time without comment, but now I've decided to address it...obviously.

I remember, years ago when I was a teenager that I first thought of the term Neo-Zionism. I thought it sounded cool and tough. Many have created the term independently. I'm sure that every fiery eyed idealist who wants to reinvent Zionism has thought they made it up too.

In any case, it has come to have a definition of its own, more as an alternative to post-Zionism.

However, this term when combined with the German word Uber will elicit comparisons to the term "neo-Nazi"--that are generally latent for many regardless. (No it can’t be equated to the term neo-con, because neo-conservatism is not a nationalist movement--like it or not).

Why do it?! Why "neo" and "uber"?

I am personally disgusted by the notion of Jews speaking German or living in Germany, like many. I also do my best to avoid buying German products of any kind, like many. These both have a little something to do with the fact that Germans annihilated 6 million of my people rather recently. I’m sure many of the people at Kumah maintain similar practices and beliefs...so why make "Neo-Zionist Uberblog" the title and name of a web site dedicated to Aliyah and positive-feel good-21st century Zionism?! It is illogical and stupid, in all honesty, and should be changed with a public acknowledgment of the error made.

The only thing they could add--for a real coup De grace--would be a hearty ‘Heil Herzl!’ to the title. As in:

Kumah - Neo-Zionist Uberblog - Heil Herzl!

Wait, better yet:

Kumah - Neo-Zionist Uberblog - Uberblog Macht Frei!!

But why stop there?!

Kumah - Neo-Zionist Uberblog - Ein Kumah Ein Uberblog!!!

This Yom Kippur we will be saying a prayer for the souls of our martyred brethren and ancestors, in particular those who were slaughtered by the Germans in the Holocaust!

An excerpt (from Artscrol):

"...for the souls of the holy pure ones who were killed, murdered, slaughtered, burned, drowned and strangled for the sanctification of the Name, through the hands of the German oppressors, may their name and memory be obliterated..."

This blogs title in no way serves to obliterate that memory. It is an absurd and bizarre mockery.

I’m sure the people at Kumah thought this decision over and debated the issue and probably think about it in the way the word "Umber-model" might be used in fashion magazines and not in the Nazi’s (not Nietzsche's) "Uber-Mensch" way...and that is precisely the problem.

The point I am making here is undeniable. And to be perfectly clear, I am not opposed to feel-good Zionism or Kumah, I am pro Kumah and I think it provides a crucial and important function and this is why I have decided to make this point...



  1. Anonymous8:42 PM

    i agree. i dont know the blog but i agree.

  2. Leah L.1:16 AM

    hey, dont be so hard on Kumha :(
    i see yur point tho, and i guess it could be changed.

  3. Moshe...10:19 PM

    Damn, I didnt think about it that way...

  4. Anonymous11:10 AM

    I know them personally and have told them about this problem and for some reason they arent bothered. I guess in our post modern world the meanings of symbols and words have been removed to such a degreee that they no longer matter anymore. maybe thats why they did it, ya know?

  5. I'd have to say that the decision was pushed through by me in equal parts due to the opportunity to use the umlaut and the ability to get a rise out of those fundamentalist centrists who bristle at the prefix "neo", even without the "uber." I must say I originally said we would change the blurb and design now and then. Perhaps we are due for an adjustment.


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