Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Film: Shooter...

Saw this movie recently, it was good action.

it is a great sniper film.

All throughout I thought of all the Israeli soldiers I have met who have claimed to be snipers...which is laughable...

Israel does not employ snipers in the traditional western military sense of the word. Instead an Israeli sniper is actually a sharpshooter dispersed within infantry sub-units at the squad and platoon levels...so the range of an Israeli "snipers" usefulness in regard to the military advantage it lends our forces is not profound. I dont know if sniping has been seriously employed to any degree since the first Lebanon war as an organized discipline...in terms of hunting, stalking, and killing human targets.

Another thing is that Israeli snipers do not use bolt action rifles, so their range and deadliness are impeded, rather they generally use modified Galil semi-automatic rifles. It has been said that the advantage is that it allows more rapid fire than a bolt action rifle...but that is precisely where the point is missed.

Real Israeli snipers could have turned half of Hezbollah into pink mist during the last war...not to mention inspire fear in the enemy.  its a deeply  psychological weapon capable of tremendous accomplishments.

Im no expert. but im right.

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  1. I saw this. it was good. the best sniper film ever, not so sure. better than sniper though.

    I have met a few israeli snipers myself. I too have questioned their legitimacy. maybe the are just trying to make something out of what is usually a boring service?


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