Thursday, September 20, 2007

Young people and Jewish Activism

Jewish Activism is good in that it provides a (productive?) forum for young Jews to express their independence and Nationalism. A lot of it though is masturbatory and totally meaningless.

By activism I mean any form of demonstration or protest or which carries with it the potential for (physical or legal) damage to ones person, property, or reputaion. 

I find highly dubious the motives of any leader or organization manager who demands sacrifice from their followers/pupils. I find them too often to be little  more  than extremist job seekers.
Many extremists are  not legitimate believers in their cause and almost anyone involved in youth/student organization is a  false believer and the worst form of exploitative opportunistic job seeker, because they will often put naive young people in harms way (for their own advancement), either physically or legally, the repercussions of which that young activist may not be able to fully appreciate for many years.

Unfortunately,  so many of  the young people who led the anti disengagement efforts were not true believers in their own cause.
their activism was an effort towards expressing both the independent and rebellious tendencies of adolescence and youth. this is why the fervor of the generation of the disengagement will dissipate over time...and disappear...leaving so many wondering what ever happened to all those
ideological young people who sat in the roads, burned tires, and were beaten by police back in the early 2000's.

Real activism takes adults. this is what set Moshe Feiglin apart from anyone else as an activist during the Oslo years, he was a grown man who became his own activist movement, and attracted other adults to do the same by showing them very simply how easy and rewarding it could be for them personally (my interpretation).

Young Jews need to learn to become assets to their community in their professional and personnel lives, not how to get arrested. That's for the adults to do.

Jewish activism is a weapon.  

Weapons are not for children or the naive of this world to throw about carelessly

That's for the men to do.



  1. Anonymous2:12 PM

    u choose that young people to get involved but that relevant action can only be done by "adults" u havent proposed anything concretely specific

  2. No? well here is something specifically concrete for you then: you are an idiot.

    Unlike you have written I have "chosen" nothing.

    But lets assume that I do "choose" that "young people to get involved but that relevant action can only be done by "adults"..."...that would appear as something rather specific...would it not?

    I assume that what you intended to convey is that I have made a critique of a system without making a reccomendation for how it could be different, in a feeble attempt discredit my mediocre observation.

    Thus you are guilty of the fallacy of "irrelevant conclusion", which is something I really really hate.

    It is inherent within your inability to even percieve this logical fallacy which creates a mental barrier through which you are unable to grasp the very simple and obvious argument made in this post.


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