Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Pollard and Israelis

Pollard...Pollard, Pollard, Pollard Pollard Pollard.... 

The only way the Israeli government will request Pollard be released (as if that would make a difference) would be if significant amount of the Israeli public would be willing to base their Knesset vote on the topic. If Israeli would only elect a one issue Pollard party (to at least a 61 seat majority) then there might be a chance that party wouldn't turn its back on the voters and do something.

However, Israelis will only believe that pollard is an important enough issue to even consider pursuing if the politicians convince them it is, in the same Orwellian fashion that they have convinced most Israelis that Oslo was awesome and that Abu Mazen is Mahatma Gandhi.

SO it will never happen, Israeli's will never care about Pollards release. Certainly not enough to make it happen. And politicians will never really do anything about it.

This is all old hat though.

Consider this:

Convincing Israelis that they should care about Pollard is like trying to convince them to care about littering, or saving the environment, or driving too fast, or not peeing in public, or shwarma vendors about hygiene...etc, etc, etc.....all important issues, but none of which really take primacy over the fact that a solid third of this country 's workers earn under 3500 NIS a month and are too busy earning their daily bread to care about an Israeli agent stuck in the US as a result of what are often portrayed as his dubious intentions.

I would be surprised if a sample of 1 in 100 across this country knew who Pollard actually  was...most of the people who know and really care are youth, Olim, and extremists, which to be hosent dont 
count politically for very much. Youth grow up, olim get tired, and extremists are marginal and discredited. If you really care about pollard your probably one of these 3 unfortunately.

He's our man, so we should get him out.


  1. Leah L1:20 AM

    Im proud that i know who Pollard is!!!! we need to really start getting active, in my school there are alot of us who talk about it all the time. who knows maybe something will get started soon!

  2. Pollard is an interesting study in Jewish apathy. I have recentely heard him compared to Raul Wallenberg. Bth were ignored by the Jews.


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