Friday, March 07, 2008

And the beat goes on...

"The attack drew international condemnation, including from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. Israel said that the attack would not derail peace talks."


There is so much that is F'd up with this bite of information that I really don’t know where to is simply the absolute height of absurdity in every notion of the word and therein encapsulates the hysterically insane and psychologically fraught nature of this country’s distorted national psyche.

In case I haven’t made this clear, the people of Israel have been so intellectually and morally disarmed by this country’s ruling class for so many years in its efforts to sustain its dominance over the people that Israelis are by and large incapable of drawing healthy conclusions on political/national issues.

The elitist oligarchs have kept this state’s proverbial body strong and mind incredibly weak, so much so that even in the face of yesterday’s travesty many Israeli’s will take solace in the ridiculous notion of a condemnation made by either terrorist icon Abu Mazen or the “international community”.

The state of Israel is like a man being devoured by a pack of hungry wolves who pleads with them not to devour his vital organs in the off chance that they will just eat his legs instead and leave the rest of him alone--stupid and dying.

I would also like to add that I will remain unimpressed by any “reprisal” made by Israel as a result of this attack on us--if there should even be one. Don’t let any cheap action on this government’s behalf buy you off either.

I would like to end with a prayer:

GD Bless The Souls So Brutally Taken From Within Our Midst, On Our Watch, As result Of Our Pathetic Inadequacies As A Nation, And May He Avenge Their Cruel Slaughter For All To Behold If Shall We Fail To Do So.

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