Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Problem with Dati Leumi Types

The problem with Dati Leumi types (DLT’s) is that they are entirely non-threatening. Nobody is afraid of the Dati Leumi as a movement or individualy and so no one takes them very seriously, neither politically nor on any other level.

You might think that the combination of “nationalism” and “religion” would make for a potent combo in the Israeli political scene, but I’m here to tell you that the movement’s parties are a big ZERO in that realm. They have no power and only a very minimal political draw, mostly attracting feeble minded knitted Kippa wearers, naïve/clueless uninformed yeshiva types, and deluded run of the mill Oleh types.

I perceive the vast majority of Dati Leumi types as effeminate white toast wimps who sit on the jock of this country’s elitist oligarchical leftist illiberal crypto-fascist establishment like a wart on a toad’s backside. I have never met a dedicated DLT who I thought could put up a serious fight against a determined aggressor or beat me at poker. So I fear none of them and I’m sure nobody else does either.

Like court Jews in ghetto shtetl Europe, the Dati Leumi movement has made the Establishment its bunk mates time and time again even in the face of impending tragedy for itself. The prime example of this is of course Gush Katif where their parties sat in the government until forced out like a penniless junkie from an opium den.

All of the weeks before that stupid travesty the DLT’s sat around talking about how they would celebrate a great feast after the disengagement would fail to come to pass through some divine miracle. But, in the end they did nothing to lend credibility to their ideology. AND I think we all knew that that is exactly what was going to happen.

During the ignoble fall of Gush Katif all the DLT’s did do was cry and cry pseudo-hysterical tears like children being dragged out of a candy store. The men wept on the shoulders of the soldiers who came to destroy their homes and disinherit their families from their hard built communities, begging and pleading with similarly pathetic soldiers not to go through with their orders.

To top it off, you had one of the movement’s eminent religious leaders, quintessential establishment tool Shlomo Aviner, viciously attacking praiseworthy protesters who were doing no more than trying to substantiate through action the very belief system of which he is presumably a proponent, i.e. safeguarding the Land of Israel from its own ruin.

It was pathetic.

It was a joke.

Orange Shmorange.

The actions that some of their Johnny come lately leadership took in Amona is entirely unimpressive and without merit. I scorn those politicians to such a degree that they couldn’t begin to earn the privilege of my sympathetic contempt even on their best day.

DLT’s lack the fiery passion and guts required to really inspire the masses with respect for their principles, which they fail to lend credence to at every juncture tested.

They are disrespected across the spectrum by any and all natural allies. Hareidim view them as lacking in religious conviction. Secular Zionists view them as politically clueless. Kahanists view them as weak. I invoke these groups not as support for my views (because I have no faith or trust in any of them) but rather to indicate just how truly lame they and all of their ridiculously side-locked hill dweller sheep herding pseudo-radical offshoots really are.

I hurt having to write this due to all I have gained personally from the beauty contained within many of their truly great Rabbi's teachings. But this statement needs to be made.

It is truly a dream of mine to see every DLT unleash the type of hell upon this system that the establishment’s media mouthpieces have so falsely and ridiculously predicted it capable of for so many years. But, this will never happen.

Enjoy the Frankness!

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  1. B"H Hmmm....I wonder what it means that I'm religious and Zionist, yet agree with this post...

    Well, stating for your readers what you probably already know, there are two camps of the so-called RZ community:

    1) The mamlachtim: more or less described in this post with some exceptions. They are led by Aviner, Sedan (head of IDF mechinah program), Rav Tau, Cherlow, Lichtenstein, Amital. Some other Rabbeim call this community "idolaters" in the spirit of the golden calf. Others say it's more accurate to call them fascists, due to their blind loyalty to the state. Personally, I'm not sure there's THAT much of a difference between the two.

    2) The Toranim led by Rav Lior, Rav Levanon, Rav Ben-Zimra, and the late Rav Shapira ztz"l. Others include Rav Tzuriel who reminds us that Zionism part of the Torah (who knew?). The teach us that blind loyalty to the state is no where to be found in the Torah, and the the Rav Kooks never intended this.

    Unfortunately, Camp #1 has the money, the publicity machine, the "rabbis" placed in key positions, oh yeah, and the brain washing techniques.

    I met countless expellees from Azza who identified as mamlachti. They got a good kick in the pants and didn't "sound" mamlachti anymore at all.

    When they kick the next round of us out, it'll be too late, and won't be worth a darn that thousands realize that they were duped.

    Gee. Almost sounds like a conspiracy, doesn't it?


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