Thursday, March 13, 2008

Engaging Doomsday

We are all afraid to see the third commonwealth collapse. And believe it; if it happened twice it can happen a third time. However, we cannot fear it so that we refuse to fully engage our vile nemeses head on. Our nation simply cannot afford to await the bitterness of a foolish death without taking the fight to the F’n Iranian puppet masters once and for all rather than sustaining this fixed delusional focus upon their proxies.

Nevertheless, it’s clear to me that the Israeli elitist oligarchical leftist illiberal crypto-fascist establishment, within whose laps the core of our states power rests, is incapable of fully engaging this crisis because:

  • Engaging Iran as the primary state culprit behind the conflict in our region lays waste to the idea that Palestinian statehood will bring an end to the conflict here, which has been the bedrock of their political agenda for the last 20 years.
  • As I have written before: In any case, no matter what develops we can only be certain that our "leadership" will make the wrong choices, or at very best begin to approach a decent policy only to fumble the ball early on, never to recover it.
  • Even if we were to engage Iran and win, we are guaranteed to screw up the endgame by failing to permanently prevent the local Moslem's from being courted by any potential future benefactors waiting in the wings after the Great Persian Father has been removed from the equation. Unless of course, the elitist oligarchical leftist illiberal crypto-fascist establishment is undone and it’s suicidal doctrine of Moslem appeasement is exposed as well.

But that aside, do you want a really good reason for Israel to attack Iran in any case?

Here you go:

I would rather us not give the smug effeminate exile drunken Hareidim of the Diaspora the opportunity to say: "See, We told you we were right! The Talmud says Jews shouldn’t even live in Israel..." Which is indeed something our incineration at the hands of the Iranians would allow them to do, AND I for one do not wish to stand by idly and give them that opportunity!!! Damn Straight!

Here is a pretty good, if not basic, article on engaging Iran:

The Iranian-Israeli War

When will Israel and Iran go to war? They already have.

By Yossi Klein Halevi

Immediately after the massacre of eight students in a yeshiva library in Jerusalem last week, speculation began within the Israeli security establishment and the media about who had dispatched the lone murderer. Was it Hamas? Hezbollah? Perhaps a new, unknown organization claiming to act on behalf of the "liberation" of the Galilee? In fact, the speculation was pointless. Regardless of the affiliation of the actual perpetrator, the ultimate responsibility for this attack, as for almost all the terror attacks on Israel in recent years, lies with Iran.

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