Sunday, March 09, 2008

Doomsday for Israel? Negotiations With Hamas? More Piecemeal Conflict? Hezbollah Strikes back? US Military Involvement? you decide...

Here are two articles with  opposing view points on the matter of a Hamas
Hezbollah combined attack strategy.  Israeli leaders interpretations of events to come no doubt presents a variety military, diplomatic, and political ramifications for everyone involved.

What will happen? 

Decide for yourself:

Article 1, from the Guardian: Faced with a doomsday scenario, Israel must sit down with Hamas

Article 2, from Strategypage : Hamas Seeks a Blaze of Glory

In any case, no matter what develops we can only be certain that our "leadership" will make the wrong choices, or at very best approach a decent policy only to fumble the ball early on, never to recover it.

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