Sunday, March 09, 2008

Jonathan Rosenblum on the Supreme Court

Jonathan Rosenblum is good.

Here is a great piece he wrote on the Supreme Court, undressing that institution and its members down to what they really are: Sanctimonious Illiberal Crypto-Fascist Oligarchs:

Our Illiberal Court

by Jonathan Rosenblum
Jerusalem Post
March 4, 2008

"The Supreme Court has been widely regarded as Israel's most stalwart liberal institution since Barak took over as its president in 1996," wrote Calev Ben-David last week in these pages. Had he described the Court as Israel's most left-wing institution he would have been on safer ground (though all those academic departments in which a traditional Zionist can never gain appointment might contest the title).

One can be both left-wing and fundamentally illiberal. European human rights councils and university speech codes that would forbid quoting the Koran, in the name of protecting against Islamophobia may be left-wing. But they are not liberal.

Plato will never be listed among the philosophers of liberalism. Yet under Barak, the justices assumed the role of Platonic Guardians, or, in former Court President Moshe Landau's description, "governing elders." That task, Landau added, is one for which they had no training and showed little aptitude.

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