Thursday, March 06, 2008

F**k Olmert!

The full scale tragedy of tonight's events have yet to unfold, however one thing remains abundantly clear: our enemies must pay for this blood and yet, they will be rewarded instead.

They will and so will all of our other enemies. Anyone who suggests talking instead of domination on any and all fronts is a f**king waste of life.

More than that, our enemies will be rewarded as will those who reward them, with continued power and continued strangulating control over this nation.

I can scarcely endure the deterioration of this country any longer. A country with as much potential as Israel for being a guiding force to the world, that yet remains incapable of realizing that mantle can only be referred to as evolutionarily inadequate.

This country has become the f**kin' abyss. 

F**k Olmert, F**k the Arabs, and F**k the capitualtors.

Kahane Tzadak...more and more every day.

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  1. Anonymous9:57 PM

    You know I don't feel any different but there is a way to say things and "Fuck Olmert" isn't it.


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