Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Drafting yeshiva students is not the issue!!! (Or, more mind numbing BS from the halls of our establishment’s loyal opposition)

"It's not a matter of numbers, but of ethics," Steinitz said. "I can accept that a few hundred scholars would be selected to study, as in the time of David Ben-Gurion. But the current situation of thousands of ultra-Orthodox boys not serving in the IDF is intolerable and should be changed, not because we urgently need more soldiers, but because we need the feeling that all sectors are sharing in the mission of protecting our homeland."

Ethics??? Sharing??? The ethics of sharing??? Are you F’n kidding me?!

This is just more BS to busy the plebes with so that are minds are kept too occupied to actually consider just how badly this country’s elitist establishment is screwing and exploiting us at any given time--which is the only real issue at hand.

The number of soldiers that share in the burden of protecting this country is an absolutely meaningless issue. It plays no role in this country’s poor morale or in its entirely flawed policy and security decisions. If you think it does then you are just another feeble minded Israeli clone who has yet to open his eyes to the reality of this failing “republic” and its intensifyingly desperate spin down the drain. Which, in lack of the ability to actually change or improve for the better I can only find solace in its increasingly amusing character.

BUT, just to point out how stupid we are, when it comes to the ethics of sharing and the intolerable status quo that prevails in our midst then how about a bit of sharing in the few places it really would matter, like:

The top economic percentile sharing in a greater wealth distribution and closing this country’s incredibly widening disparity of income??? It is appalling that 36% of this country’s workers are making under 3000NIS/month.


The breaking of public and private monopolies, from the electric company, to publishing, print and electronic media. Let’s not forget to include in that batch the privatization of ports and government-controlled industry, which result in the strangulation of our quality of life and economy through insane union strikes and low industrial productivity. Let them share in the ownership (or at least justifiable wage and competitive production standards) with workers and the benefits of making these sectors more transparent and service oriented with the public at large. Let's not even start talking about the banks...


The Knesset sharing its power by allowing us to elect our own representatives individually, rather than engaging in the farcical political pageantry of this country’s bitterly flawed “democracy”. And if not that much, the Knesset could at least give us tax payers a break and stop some of its ridiculous spending, for example on the farcical MK personnel allotments under the title of "voter spending budget" that MK's recieve in order to spend what often amounts to many peoples annual salaries on connecting with their voters, which is just another huge lump of BS, you know, since they aren't accountable to us voters to begin with?! What a joke.


The Supreme Court sharing its method of choosing its members (at least with elected officials) rather than choosing their own members based upon ideological parity and caste, while they go gallivanting about this country carving up laws as if it were their own personnel piece of steak.

In short, how about some social, economic, and political reform?

These are issues that really matter. THEY ARE KILLING US. But in order to keep us plebes mentally weak and occupied they foster social tension amongst us by taunting us with empty meaningless ideas like “sharing in the mission of protecting our homeland” and sending our young men to act as bullet catchers for this country’s corrupt regimes insane policies, based completely upon Olmert’s (and all those establishment tools who came before him) self-serving struggle for political survival. In a sense you could say that Olmert’s decisions to send our young men out to die is something of a marketing decision--necessitated by his and his predecessor’s similarly stunningly selfish marketing decisions.

As I have written before, the apparatchiks use concepts such as these (and Zionism) as crude manipulative tools in order to turn us into busy workers ants that will not contest the true evil and decadent nature of this establishment and its self-perpetuation. To them we are all just barbarians who must be guided into the light by hook or by crook--while they make a shekel or two on the deal.

As if the orthodox are the real culprits in this behind this country’s downfall…I wish people like Steinitz in the alleged “opposition” would have the guts to ignore irrelevant issues and call this country’s illiberal crypto-fascists for exactly what they are and use all of their local and international resources to not only defeat them politically but to utterly crush them in oblivion.

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