Thursday, March 27, 2008

Some words on the Frank Yehudi perspective:

I get a substantial amount of email from people wanting to understand exactly what my perspective is all about. I’d say that there is about a 50-50 split between the people who either don’t totally understand what I am communicating but find it compelling nonetheless, and people who incessantly challenge my Frank disaffirmations—like do-gooder DLT zombies. The former is of the benign inquisitive sort while the later is the type of soft and spongy zombie of which the establishment has made its bread for many many years.

Needless to say, not everyone can handle the Frank Brass Tacks Tachlis.

When I say that there’s little in Israel that I believe in, I mean that I no longer see this country through the Oleh tinted perspective that I once did and have since come to conclude that there isn’t any greater hope/glory/redemption (what have you) to be had for this country or people beyond the best of what we currently enjoy.

I don’t believe in any of the spooky religious pronouncements or grand political schemes vainly proliferated by this establishment and its hangers on.

They are, very Frankly, feeble self-deceptive tools employed by those who would rather live a pleasantly deluded life guided by a sort of inane positivistic hope and reliance in the Government’s, military’s, and Religion's ability to solve our more alarming concerns, which only serves to numb the legitimate threat of impending doom that hangs above them that much further.

I find thoroughly revolting both traditional Jewish “pragmatism” and Israeli political shenanigans, but I am even more exacerbated by the unalterable and unwavering willingness of the tiny Israelis to stand for it all.

In my view, Israel is a country beset internally by deluded factions and externally by determined aggressors. Israel is beset inwardly and outwardly by a clash of civilizations.

Israel is on the whole a nation of individuals beleaguered by distorted psyches as a result of the refugee/elitist dichotomy that has dominated its socio-cultural evolution. As I have posted before, the vast majority of the Israeli population today is either (essentially) refugee or the immediate descendants of refugees. Furthermore, when I review the groups those people belong to I see that the differences between them are not so much cultural but civilizational. And, that amongst WW2 refugees, Sephardi, Yemenite, Ethiopian, or Russian refugees the only commonality that can exit amongst them is the refugee experience itself—a condition each civilizational subgroup answers with its own unique cultural response, yet remains inherently and invariably dominated by the selfish needs for sustenance and security, and is precluded by divisiveness.

There can be no cultural melting pot in this mess; it is simply too multi-civilizationaly faceted and inherently divisive in its nature to allow for any successful melting into a cohesive culture, and more so, the nature of the Israeli electoral system perpetuates and aggravates that divisiveness to such a degree that it completely undermines any hope that democracy could have of creating a commonality among those groups of use in managing this country’s present lingering threats.

[If you are a proponent of a particular grand religious or political scheme of any kind (other than leftists who thrive on the establishments crookedness) then you should take a look at this situation and ask yourself: Can a cultural or political cohesion ever develop out of such chaos? Can these groups be expected to maintain similar ideas relating to politics, identity, culture, or nation? Can “Judaism” or “Zionism” maintain any shared meaning (even a vague one) amongst these groups? Can such fragmentation, such cleavages, aggravated by the establishment itself and inherent within the system by which we choose our national leadership and agenda ever get things close enough to being right to count? I say no.]

Now, as if this weren't bad enough, consider that this complex circumstance is managed under the auspices of amateurishly bureaucratic Israeli governmental institutions— themselves beset by inefficiency, prejudice, and cronyism—which in itself isn’t unique, but under the circumstances described above only serves to aggravate things immeasurably more so. But more, the system itself is beset by illiberal elitist leftist oligarchical European Ashkenazi crypto-fascio-crats who dominate the government, media, academia, industry, and therefore are the primary shapers of policy on the governmental level and public opinion amongst the bewildered and oblivious plebian refugees that compose the population. These crypto-fascio-crats are no less divided, in terms of politics and identity and are therefore no aid to any of these struggling groups so desperate for some form of leadership and guidance.

Were this all to occur on an isolated tropical island that had no more to worry about other than mild changes in the weather or how fast the grass grows then the outlook would not be so bleak. But, Israel is under siege by maximalist enemies (punctuated by the lying/cheating nature of Arabic culture) who not only root for its destruction but also quite effectively dedicate the resources to guarantee that eventuality. In light of this, the amount of time that this “project” (as some have so cutely put it) has to endure the growing hell-bent Moslem cancer that spreads along Israel’s borders threatening holocaust in the forms of Iranian nukes, Iranian proxies: Hamas, Hezbollah and Fatah murdering innocents, fifth column Israeli Arabs, Moslems in the Knesset free to make mendacious and inflammatory pronouncements with utter impunity, etc. is not an issue that I can engage with cute optimism or positivistic delight. It makes Frank mad.

They Moslems are wolves and we have mad ourselves into their pray through endless efforts at appeasement and placation to their agendas—mainly through the Israeli establishments choice of policies that are so transparently and shamelessly crafted in order to appease both the violent bloodlust of the Moslems and the arrogant disdain of the establishments European idols in whose image they fashion themselves culturally and socially. (As I see it, these policies are in part just a further expression of the establishment apparatchiks yearning for the approval and validation that their European Masters have so cruelly denied them over the centuries).  

I have no hope in the Pseudo-Realist parties maintaining the status quo--pick your poison, whose only value exists within just how revolting and threatening they are in the eyes of the establishment. 

The natures of the social cleavages, establishment, the enemy who has besieged us, mechanics of the governmental institutions, and the distorted psyches of Israelis as a whole leave the prospect of a hopeful future quite dim—apart from a host of other strangulating factors.

I don’t see any hope for change in this country other than by way of massive nationwide social revolution directed towards the downfall of the establishment and the elitist class of the Israeli 300 once and for all. But this will not happen. Things will not improve. They will gradually come apart, seam by seam until it is all no more—perhaps for another 2000 years or so.

For as it has been written:
This should be unacceptable to us; this is obscene - how can we not cry out in protest? Six million souls look down on us and cry because six million wasn't enough for us to have learned our lesson.

Truer words...

Enjoy the Frankness!

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  1. Just noticed you were back. Thanks for the "cute" shout out. It somehow feels like a relative complement from his Frankness. I laughed at the description of pre-Disengagement NRP being forced from the government "like a penniless junky from an opium den."



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